Insight's newest campaign journeys across the glob, deep into the minds of creativity, past the desolate plains, beneath the ocean, through the jungle and out the other side.  the legacy of which will become known forever more as DOPAMINE.
Insight's surf team took the life aquatic, creating human art as they rode the waves amongst beatnik graveyards, uba scuba canoes and motor-cycle riding femme fatales.  Not one to cut corners on creativity, Insight combined an array of underwater visual spectacles with the amazing skill of their surf team and the photographic talents of Dustin Humphrey.
Meanwhile the skate team got all Gilligan's Island as they wrestled crocodiles, skated a golden elvis and contemplated life in paradise.  What initially sounded like a vacation, quickly turned into the over ambitious  project of recreating famous skate spots in the most surreal of settings.  The insight team skated custom made spots on beaches, over rice fields and through the jungle all captured by photographer 
Mr. John Bradford.

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