flickr : things i collect : mary wells

i came across mary...'s flickr page and am in love with one of her sets called things i collect.  check it out!'s great eye candy and i can't help but want to create some still life set-ups of my own...hummm

morrow bay

our way home from christmas in southern california we decided to head up the cost and visit our good friends leah and leroy who live in morrow bay.  i was lucky enough to hang with buddy (jimmy's pooch) for an afternoon.  it was awesome.  he's a radical dog.

may you have a lucky day of crafting

for those who have today off of work and can enjoy a relaxed day full of crafting...
my fingers are crossed for happy accidents, lots of coffee and a great soundtrack!

i really want a dog

i keep catching myself surfing the pages of pet finder these day, 
dreaming of the day that i will have a furry best friend.
artwork by jay howell 
also, this site of live puppies is amazing.  
i could watch it all day...

wooden sounds

calm before the storm

today we headed out on a little bike ride around sf before the rains hit tonight.  we rode through the mission to visit our friends at DLX then off to the wharf for a warm bread bowl soup.  after lunch it started to sprinkle so it was the perfect excuse to hit up the buena vista for some tasty irish coffees.  On our way back home to bernal heights we took third street and stopped to take in the views at the ramp.  another good day in the city...