p i t t e r : p a t

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f i r s t f a m i l y : f a b r i c s

Beautiful, handcrafted fabrics collected by President Obama's mother are on display at the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C.

The late Ann Dunham began purchasing the hand-dyed textiles when she lived in Indonesia in the 1960s.

The colorful fabrics — known as batiks — are created by covering portions of cloth with molten wax, dying the cloth, and then scraping and re-applying more wax in different patters. The cloth is then dipped into a different color dye. These processes are repeated to produce intricate patterns and colors.

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h o w : f a n t a s t i c

how fantastic indeed!

by wes anderson 
coming this thanksgiving
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o l d : s o u l

photographs by vee speers

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b a u : b i k e

the amazing bau bike

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here and now : and nowhere

for those of you in nyc, be sure to catch tauba's show at deitch

sept 3rd - oct 17th

The Auerglass, which is the central work in the show, is a two-person wooden pump organ designed by the artist with her friend Cameron Mesirow of the band Glasser. The instrument cannot be played alone. It requires two people to play. One player has to pump in order for the other to play and vice versa. There is a four-octave scale that is divided so that each of the two players plays every other note. Auerbach and Mesirow will play a composition written specifically for the instrument. It combines music that Auerbach wrote as a child, songs from Glasser and new material. The Auerglass will be played at the opening on September 3rd.

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m a t c h : b o o k

unexpected matchbook paintings

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h a p p y : m o n d a y

radical jonny

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l e : c o o l

such great design inspiration!  

don't be surprised if our moving announcements are influenced by this work...i've got cardboard boxes on the brain!

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p i l l o w : f a c e

CNSF (craft night san francisco) was in full effect last night. 
 i made a light purple pillow out of felt circle cut-outs.  i'll share more photos once it's stuffed with something other than my head. 

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r o l l i n : s t o n e

intricate drawings on stone by Yoran Morvant
you can buy one at ashes & milk