b u l l s : e y e

i absolutely love collecting things... 
sea glass, old matchbooks, heart shaped rocks,  bread tabs, 
small boxes from places i've traveled... i've even recruited my better half to collect 
hawk feathers from his job site for me.  
next up, vintage archery arrows!

. . .
pics via apt therapy

s a m : f a l l s

photography of sam falls

. . .

i n v i s i b l e : o c e a n

the amazing laura flippen took some 4x5 polaroids at the invisible ocean
 music fest up in mendocino a few weekends ago and  
J & I were lucky enough to get our portrait taken.  i absolutely love this moody pic!

. . . 

c o l o r - i n : d r e s s

ok, seriously...
have any of you seen this dress before?!  
the artist Michael Schuurman only made 50 and each one comes with a box of textilemarkers.  

i love it!

. . . 

p o s i t i v e : n e g a t i v e

so sorry, i can't remember where i found this image!  if any of you know who the artist is, please post it in the comments.

. . . 

c a m p e r : b i k e

i love camping + biking, so you can see why i am jumping from my seat right now!

artist kevin cyr built this pedal-powered camper in april 2008. the camper sits on a modified bike
frame with two back wheels and one up front.  inside the camper features all the amenities needed in a small and compact
envelope. the sculptural piece also became a subject in many of cyr’s amazing paintings.

. . .

s h a c k : a t t a c k

rad little shacks

. . . 

n a : m i

wave photographs 

. . . 

w o r k : s p a c e

i wish i had a work space as lovely as this...

. . .