c o z y : p a n t s

i love cozy pants
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d o w n : b e l o w

This is the PEN Story in stop motion. 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again. No post production! I can't believe I'm just seeing this!

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f o o d : c o l o r i n g

thats right, food dye.  beautiful color photographs of food dye.  i want to be the size of that awesome microscopic spaceship in the movie interspace and cruz through the rivers in these photos.  so rad.  haha

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c o n s t a n t : c h a n g e

yangtze, the long river 
photographs by nadav kander

you've got to see this images big.  his site will give you full screen access
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d e a r : m o n d a y

at work listening to the new vetiver album... 
now i have to go back to the dear & yonder trailer for a moment.  
it's so good... 

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p e r m a n e n t : m a r k e r

the artwork of hollis brown thornton

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b o o t i e : t i m e

it's fall and i want new booties

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s a v e : w a v e s

Save the Waves Film Festival this Friday in San Francisco

November 13 at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco, California. It's a one-night gig featuring a quartet of inspiring environmental/surf films, live music, prizes, an art exhibit and a party to benefit the ocean

Save the Waves Film Festival will feature:

  • The Cove - winner of numerous international film festivals and described as "a certain Oscar nominee" by acclaimed film critic Roger Ebert.
  • Lost Prophets - a new surf film with Dave Rastovich, Hans Hagen, Chris Del Moro & Reef Macintosh.
  • All Points South - Best Short Film Award Winner, New York Surf Film Festival; this is a film by Save The Waves.
  • Devils Teeth – a short film about diving with great white sharks at the Farallon Islands.
  • After the film screenings, participate in a Q&A with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd & Mark Palmer of Save Japan Dolphins
  • Live music by The Eldorados and Jethro Jeremiah
  • Art exhibit by Travis Weller

Tickets are on sale now (21 & OVER ONLY). $20 General Admission. $50 VIP Green Wave Admission (includes reserved seating, 2 free drinks, STW membership, a T-shirt, and limited edition signed STWFF art poster). $5 raffle tickets for a chance to win a new surfboard, a Patagonia wetsuit, custom art by Travis Weller and Chivo, Jack Johnson signed CDs, North Face & Patagonia jackets and more. RSVP at the Save the Waves Facebook event page.

thanks peter!

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