f a t h e r s : d a y

buy your man an axe!

best made company's mission statement (i love it!):


Every high-rise condo, luxury office, executive suite, ranch house, and farmstead must have an axe in it. We know that axes shouldn’t only be in the hands of lumberjacks: anyone and everyone should have an axe in their name. Put it in your cubicle, give it to your niece as a graduation present, or your dad for father's day (or better yet mom for mother's day), bring it to the company picnic, carry it to the door next time Jehovah's Witness come knocking, or just lean it up against your living room wall and admire. An axe is indispensable and sublime, the epitome of self-reliance and independence, a perfect design object, a timeless instrument.

. . . . .

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  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2009

    Let me axe you this: Is there a better gift than an axe? Oh yes - maybe a wooden dowel. :)